Scotland to New Zealand: the spread of Sevens

By tournament:

1889 Dunedin Charity Tournament [28 September] (New Zealand)
1893 Christchurch tournament [16 September] (New Zealand)
1894 Nelson Charity Tournament [23 May] (New Zealand)

The list may be subject to change if more rugby union sevens tournaments are discovered.


Its no coincidence that Scots spread the love of rugby sevens to Dunedin in New Zealand. Dunedin, the name is Scottish Gaelic for Edinburgh, was founded by Scots and was – and remains – a favoured destination for Scottish expatriates.

Dunedin [1889]:

Not continued from 1894:


From Dunedin, the sevens game spread north.

Christchurch [1893]

Not continued from 1894:


Before the Nelson tournament:

Nelson [1894]:

After Nelson

Around the turn of the century the game seemed to fall out of fashion but it became revitalised again in the 1920s.