Kelvinside Academicals Sevens

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Run by: Kelvinside Academicals

Where: Balgray, Glasgow

Winners play for: Minerva Cup (since 1974)

Notes: Highest scoring teams that fail to make the Semi-Finals play for the Consolation Cup. Tournament ended in 1981; Kelvinside Academicals merged with Glasgow HSFP to form Glasgow High Kelvinside in 1982. The new side GHK continued with a Sevens tournament, playing for the Minerva Cup.

Past winners

  • 1981 Gosforth
  • 1980 Gosforth
  • 1979 West of Scotland
  • 1978 West of Scotland
  • 1977 Hillhead
  • 1976 Glasgow Academicals
  • 1975 Melrose
  • 1974 Hillhead
  • 1922 Glasgow HSFP


29 August 1981


25 August 1979


26 August 1978


27 August 1977


28 August 1976



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