Newington Sevens

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Run by: Newington RFC

Where: East Suffolk Road, Edinburgh

Winners play for:


Past winners

  • 1929 Lasswade
  • 1928 Lasswade
  • 1910 Stewart’s College F.P.



2 April 1910

First round:

Royal HSFP ‘A’, Cluny, Hawick Juniors and Selkirk ‘A’ all received byes into the second round.

Brunstane 8 Bruntsfield 0

Athenians 5 Newington 0

Trinity Academicals 5 Granville 0

Stewart’s College F.P. ‘A’ 8 Lismore 0

Second round:

Royal HSFP ‘A’ 5 Brunstane 0

Athenians 8 Cluny 3

Hawick Juniors 3 Trinity Academicals 0

Stewart’s College F.P 3 Selkirk ‘A’ 0


Stewart’s College F.P 8 Hawick Juniors 6

Royal HSFP 9 Athenians 0


Stewart’s College F.P. ‘A’ 6 Royal HSFP 0

J. Lang and J.P. Morrison scored a try each for Stewarts.

13 April 1929

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