This is the Scottish Sevens site.

Holding details of Scotland’s local Sevens rugby union tournaments.

The Scottish Sevens tournaments have their own pages; other related Sevens information uncovered is contained within blog posts on this site. [The Site Map holds a reference of the blog posts.]

Do you know of any Sevens information or missing tournament details that are not on this site? Post it here; or use the contact page at the bottom of the menu; or post it below the listing itself; if you can provide any links or references that would be excellent! – and I’ll add the tournament or update the listing.

Each Sevens tournament page can hold:-

Past winners (Men and Women where relevant)
Tournament results
Information on the teams for each tournament

If you have any old Sevens programmes; they usually are a gold mine of information and they usually include the past winners of the tournament within their pages.

Scotland invented the Sevens game and spread it around the world. The vast number of local tournaments shows its impact on Scottish rugby union. They have a history which should be recorded and celebrated; and this site attempts just that.

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