Hawick and Wilton Sevens

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Run by: Hawick and Wilton RFC

Where: Buccleuch Park, Hawick

Winners play for: Originally Travelling bags – this was later the Runners up prize; and medals were issued to winners.

Notes: The fourth Rugby Union Sevens tournament to be instated in the world; behind Melrose (1883), Gala (April 1884) and Selkirk Cricket Club (May 1884). Originally the Runners up received medals. Tournament began in 1885 and ended in 1889; Hawick and Wilton RFC disbanded 1890. [The Hawick RFC Sevens began in 1886; this was a separate tournament and played on different dates. By a quirk of fate both Sevens shared similar winners, causing confusion.] Hawick and Wilton was primarily a cricket club; its members began playing rugby during the winter months. Hawick RFC was an offshoot of this rugby club. The success of the offshoot club meant that Hawick and Wilton RFC and their Sevens tournament folded; leaving only the cricket club extant. The Edinburgh Evening News of 21 April 1890 explained the lack of both the Hawick and Wilton Sevens and that of the Hawick Sevens thusly: “The fixtures held in Hawick in former years have both been allowed to lapse this year:- that of Hawick owing to several matches with English clubs occupying the fag end of the season; and the Hawick and Wilton could not, of course, come off owing to the abandonment of the football section of the club.”

Past winners

  • 1889 Hawick & Wilton ‘A’
  • 1888 Hawick ‘A’
  • 1887 Hawick ‘A’
  • 1886 Hawick ‘A’
  • 1885 Tynedale


27 April 1889

First Round:

Ten teams had entered the tournament. Gala Thistle did not show; as a result Melrose got a bye and with most teams then entered at the second round stage.

St. Cuthbert’s ‘A’ 4 Hawick ‘B’ 0

Second Round:

Melrose 1 Gala 0

St. Cuthbert’s ‘A’ 1 Hawick and Wilton ‘B’ 0

Hawick ‘A’ 1 Jed-Forest 0

Hawick and Wilton ‘A’ 5 St. Cuthberts ‘B’ 0


Hawick ‘A’ 0 Melrose 1

St. Cuthberts ‘A’ 0 Hawick and Wilton ‘A’ 1


With fading light Hawick and Wilton ‘A’ v Melrose was instead to be played on the Tuesday; but owing to players injuries Melrose relinquished competing for the trophy. As a result Hawick and Wilton ‘A’ were declared champions of their own Sevens.

28 April 1888

First Round:

Originally 11 teams had entered; however Gala ‘B’, Carlisle, Melrose and Kelso failed to show and instead 7 teams competed in the first round.


Fixtures not known.


Hawick ‘A’ 6 Gala ‘A’ 0

23 April 1887

First Round:

Seven teams competed.


Hawick ‘A’ beat Hawick ‘B’

Gala beat Melrose


Hawick ‘A’ beat Gala

24 April 1886

First Round:

Hawick ‘A’ beat Hawick ‘B’

Tynedale beat Hawick and Wilton ‘A’

St. Cuthberts beat Hawick and Wilton ‘B’

Melrose beat Gala

Kelso received a bye.

Second Round:

Hawick ‘A’ beat Tynedale

St. Cuthberts beat Kelso

Melrose received a bye.


St. Cuthberts were due to play Melrose in the next round; suggesting it would have been Hawick ‘A’s turn for a bye. However the Melrose team had to leave early to catch the train home. This meant that the final was set up instead.

Hawick ‘A’ beat St. Cuthberts

25 April 1885

Sixteen sides entered. Try scored in the final by Robertson.


Tynedale 1 try Gala 0

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