Scotland to Ireland: the spread of Sevens

By tournament:

1921 Belfast ‘Warriors Day’ [30 April]

The list may be subject to change if more rugby union sevens tournaments are discovered.

Planned tournament not played

A Sevens tournament was planned by Douglas RFC, a Cork side, on 8 December 1900.

The club went so far as to have a meeting with the entrants. They were:- 2 Post Office teams, 2 Constitution teams, Douglas RFC, Cork RFC, Queens College RFC and Black Prince RFC.

However the tournament was postponed due to inclement weather and there is no record of the tournament subsequently being played.

Belfast Warriors Day

The first Sevens tournament in Ireland had to wait until 30 April 1921.

This was in Belfast at the Balmoral Showgrounds. This was a Charity event for the ‘Warriors Day fund’.