Scotland to Malawi: the spread of Sevens

1948 Leslie Sevens

The list may be subject to change if more rugby union sevens tournaments are discovered.

British Empire and Nyasaland

It should come as no surprise that rugby union was introduced to Malawi in the days of a British empire. Under colonial rule the country was known as Nyasaland.

The Nyasaland Rugby Union began in 1922. The domestic league, the Grainger Cup, began in 1946.

Leslie Sevens

Rugby sevens was introduced to Malawi by Wilfred John Leslie (1890-1952), who went to Nyasaland with the Imperial Tobacco Company. He became an auditor and businessman. Leslie was born in Arbroath, but was schooled in Watson’s College in Edinburgh.

Leslie took the Sevens game into the Blantyre Sports Club; and the Leslie Sevens was played from 1948.

Wilfrid John Leslie


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