Scotland to Netherlands: the spread of Sevens

By tournament:

1938 Delft [27 March]

The list may be subject to change if more rugby union sevens tournaments are discovered.


Delft rugby club ran a Sevens tournament on 27 March 1938. The entrants played for the Henri Van Booven Cup. The first round losers played for a Delft Students Cup.

The Haagsche Rugby Club won the Henri Van Booven Cup. Gooisclje Rugby Club won the Delft Students Cup.

Translation from the Haagsche Courant newspaper (The Hague Daily) of 12 March 1938:


Haagsche R.C. is preparing for a tournament in Delft. On March 27 1938 a seven-a-side tournament is being organized in Delft with the teams competing for the first Van Booven cup.

Mr. Henri Van Booven is well known in sports circles, as the honorary chairman of the Netherlands Rugby Union (N.R.B.). Before leaving for a foreign country, he gave the N. R. B. a cup, which is intended to be fought as an annual Sevens challenge cup.

The intention of a seven-a-side tournament is not to come out with 15 players, but with teams consisting of seven players. The arrangement is then as follows:- three forwards; two halves, one of which also acts as a three-quarter; two three-quarters, one of which also fulfils the full-back task.

In order to come out with a strong 7, the Haagsche Rugby Club has set up a practice match for its players tomorrow at 11 am on its grounds at the Buurtweg; the players forming a Haagsche ‘A’ and ‘B’ team.

Translation from the Haagsche Courant newspaper (The Hague Daily) of 28 March 1938:


The Haagsche Rugby Club won the Henri van Booven cup in an interesting tournament in Delft.

On Sunday afternoon a seven-a-side tournament took place at the Laan van Vollermg in Delft. The management was largely in the hands of the Delft Student Rugby Club.

In the First Round the following results were achieved:-

RCDNV-Delft II 9-3;
Delft — Gooische RC 21—3;
Haagsche RC — Gooische RC 9—6;
Pro Patria-Haagsche R C 2 14-0;
Pro Patria-Delft 9-11;
RCDNV, Pro Patria 6-3 (after extra time);
Haagsche RC-Pro Patria 6-3;
RCDNV— Delft 16—9.


De Haagsche R.C. then got a debilitating match to play against Pro Patria. After the battle had been absorbed for some time, Mac Leod gave his team the lead by scoring a try (3—0) neatly. The score was considerably boosted by the Blues by the four tries. None of the tries was converted, so that our fellow townspeople managed to qualify for the final against De Vroede Vaderen by a 15–0 win over the Rotterdam team.

Students Cup:

The second team of the Haagsche had worked their way up to the final of the losers round. This match went against the Gooisclje R.C. Among these opponents, the international Klasema, who was responsible for several tries, excelled, but Meeuwis and Dijkstra also did a good job. It became a heavy 22–0 defeat for ours, who had to settle for fourth place. The Gooische was in possession of a cup, made available by the Delft Student Rugby Club.

Final of the Van Booven Cup:

For the final, it was Haagsche R.C. against the Rugby Club De Vroede Vaderen. The players of both teams appeared to be tired. It was an exciting meeting with different breakthroughs from both parties, although the initiative was mostly taken by the Hagenaars. Niefi scored in the official game time. In the first half of the match, the Blue team had a chance to score a try, and Werner tried to convert the try, which was unsuccessful due to his low shooting.

The Henri van Booven cup will be awarded at the annual meeting of the Haagsche Rugby Club.


The Amsterdam Sevens tournament began in 1972.

The spread of Sevens; Scotland to:

England Ireland Netherlands
New Zealand Argentina Jamaica
Australia Wales U.S.A.
Russia Canada Hong Kong

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